introducing the EOZ Arc 

All-Metal-Body with ANC

Hi-Fi Headphones



an ICON is born

The EOZ Audio experience in a compact package     


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Bluetooth Headphones

Enhance your listening experience like no other headphones before. Equipped with the latest technology and boasting a powerful noise-cancellation feature, the EOZ Arc provides a sleek, modern pair of bluetooth headphones you can comfortably wear on your ears to hear high-quality, crisp audio. Moreover, it’s crafted with the most premium materials and designed to never age.

The Compact 

true wireless Experience

The newcomer of the EOZ Family, the EOZ Icon combines the latest Bluetooth fast-connecting technology and the exceptional EOZ sound signature in a compact and modern format.

The EOZ Icon true wireless earphones will change the way you experience music and call on the go. 


True Wireless Earphones

With EOZ Air’s cutting-edge tech, exceptional sound and premium design come together in perfect harmony. Our ultra-modern true wireless earphones will take your listening experience to the next level, delivering powerful and balanced sound for up to 90 hours.


Bluetooth Earphones

Style and elegance meet power in the EOZ One. These bluetooth earphones’ state-of-the-art technology, housed in beautifully handcrafted aluminum and vegan leather, promise to deliver a superior audio experience. Meticulous attention to detail and a strong aesthetic appeal make EOZ One earphones truly one-of-a-kind.


"These are the best headphones I've ever used"

The EOZ Air Wireless Headphones are sleek, fashionable, and might even be more functional than those Apple Airpods that keep falling out of your ears.




"EOZ One Wireless Earphones Are Stylish On The Outside And Technically Advanced On The Inside"

The EOZ One earphones are beautifully manufactured and available in a range of finishes including black, gold and silver. They fit comfortably over the back of the ear and they stay put, even when in engaging in vigorous activity.  These mid-price wireless earphones are well worth a closer look.


Mark Sparrow


EOZ One headphones are where form meets function

" The EOZ One is, without a doubt, the best-looking Bluetooth headphone I’ve seen to date. "


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